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How To Use An Airbrush
Автор: Robert Downie
Формат: pdf
Размер: 9 Мб
Качество: отличное, цветные изображения
Страниц: 99
Язык: Английский
Included are 11 projects covering common problem areas and applications such as detailing a simple snap-together kit, mastering a factory-fresh automotive surface, drawing camouflage patterns, adding dirt and rust, adding complex color schemes, and more.
One of the greatest challenges a modeler faces is creating a great finish on a model. An airbrush is a tool that can help immensely. But while some modelers have mastered the use of this tool, others simply lack the experience - or confidence - to achieve the desired results. In fact, too
many of you already own an airbrush, but are afraid of it. You find it easier to leave it in the box. and instead continue to use "spray bombs"—paint from aerosol eans.
The airbrush unjustly intimidates loo many people. This book will help you learn to use this wonderfully versatile tool. With a little practice and experimentation, you too can quickly master its use.
There are hooks and magazines that deal with airbrushing, but most cater to artists who paint flat, two-dimensional surfaces: T-shirts, posters, and canvas. This book is written specifically for modelers. You want detailed instruction on how to use your airbrush to paint three-dimensional surfaces, replicating a variety of realistic finishes on your favorite models. The book, will teach you lo achieve many surface finishes with an airbrush. And I'll give you information about the mechanics of layering the airbrushed finish with other techniques.
This book will help you in three ways: (1) It will give you background on the equipment—the types of airbrushes you can use for various purposes. (2) It will introduce you to methods of applying appropriate paints. (3) It will provide a wealth of additional tips, techniques, and detailed step-by-step instructions to help you achieve a dazzling array of finishes. Each chapter will cover a project. Each will teach you how toachieve various finishes on particular types of models, showing you the materials and tools you will need. Also, I ' l l show you some of the problems and specific effects associated with the improper use ot materials.
As in many areas of modeling, the more practice you gel, the belter model builder you will become. Most of the techniques shown in this book I've used successfully for many years. However, a few of the leehniques I tried out myself for the first lime, just to demonstrate some additional options for these projects.
I suggest you use the same combination: practice to master common skills, and experiment lo learn new ones. With the proper tools and experience, and a little trial and error, anyone can learn to use his or her airbrush with a minimum of sircss and effort. Believe me. once you achieve that first truly great finish, you
will understand the immense feeling of accomplishment. You will be well on your way lo mastering a tool that has revolutionized how paint finishes are applied to models. Success breeds confidence. Soon, you will be confident enough to tackle any paint finish you desire on your models. I would like to thank all who helped guide me along (he path lowards completion of this book. First, 1 want to thank Pat Covert, whose friendship and encouragement means a lot to me.
He was also the one who put me in louch wilh Kalmbach Books and the opportunity to write this book. Also, many thanks go to a college professor of mine. Joe Ferrer, a great teacher of professional modelmaking and painting. From him I learned most of the skills lhat I use both professionally and in my hobby. Finally, I want lo lhank my good friend Bob Iloll'els, an accomplished modelmaker skilled in the construction of many types ot models. He generously allowed me to borrow a number of his models to study and photograph in preparing this book, and he answered my myriad questions on applying various new finishes.
You will see a number of his models as examples through out this book. 1 am forever indebted to him for the help he iias not only given lo me but shared with you as well.
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Included are 11 projects covering common problem areas and applications such as detailing a simple snap-together kit, mastering a factory-fresh automotive surface and so on.
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